We cut through advisory-as-usual to sharpen up your business opportunity.

Covitus Capital LLC is an investment banking firm specializing in advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, shareholder rights, restructuring, and other strategic services.
We address complex challenges for our clients, providing guidance to key decision-makers and stakeholders in transactions of significant strategic and financial importance.

The name Covitus (pronounced "co-veet-us") carries the meaning of “together in life”, symbolizing our dedication to forging collaborative partnerships during critical junctures in our clients’ personal and corporate journeys. 

Covitus has strategically positioned offices on the East and West coasts to efficiently serve clients throughout the United States and select international regions.

Our expertise encompasses numerous sectors within the economic landscape, including but not limited to:

Led by decades of experience in strategy & execution.

Covitus is led by Andrew McBride—experienced investment banker serving as a trusted transactional and strategic advisor to clients throughout the business life-cycle.

Focused investment banking across leading industries.

Specializing in industries that power much of the economy.

For discerning business clients focused on growth.

Engaging in transactions valued at $10 million or more, as well as selected early-stage companies.

Collaborating with our clients on strategic finance solutions.

Covitus (pronounced ‘co-veet-us’) is inspired by a partnership approach with clients. With offices in Los Angeles and Boston, we serve clients throughout the US and globally, taking a long-term approach and making inflection points opportunities for growth—in the businesses and lives of clients.


Investment bankers with decades of experience in your corner.

Our focus is enhancing and realizing the value of businesses—by turning potential into reality.

Andrew McBride
Founder & Managing Partner

We work as your partner to develop creative, strategic options that enhance your business value.

Ted Bernstein
Co-founder & Managing Partner