Asked and answered.

  • What services does Covitus Capital provide?

    Covitus provides investment banking services for business clients, including Corporate Finance (capital raising), Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), and Special Situations Advisory.

  • How is Covitus Capital compensated for its services?

    For most Corporate Finance and M&A engagements, the primary source of Covitus’ compensation is based upon a success fee (a percentage of the total value of the transaction upon successful consummation of the deal). In addition, Covitus typically charges clients a monthly, non-refundable retainer. In most cases, the aggregate retainer payments made to date by a client at the time of closing of a successful transaction are applied to reduce the amount of the success fee owed by the client. In providing Special Situations Advisory, we may charge a fixed hourly rate for our services rather than receive payment in the form of a success fee.

  • As part of the Corporate Finance function, does Covitus Capital provide capital directly to clients?

    No. We are an investment bank. We are not direct providers of capital. Covitus markets our capital raising transactions to our network of capital providers (strategic investors, venture capital funds, private equity funds, family offices, etc.) to assist our clients in meeting their capital needs.

  • Does Covitus Capital provide investment or wealth management services for clients?

    No. Covitus is not an investment advisor or asset manager.

  • Where does Covitus Capital have offices?

    Covitus has offices in Los Angeles and Boston. We provide investment banking services across the United States and select global geographies.